mod_haydn is an apache module which allows you to embed MSIL bytecodes (the foundation of Microsoft's CLR/.NET) into Apache. Allowing you to access all of Apache's API from any CLR/.NET enabled language. Currently it only has partial support for the Apache 1.3 api, allowing you to handle requests (and get associated request information), set apache translation, authentication, and authorization handlers. Support is planned for Apache 2.0, and more specialized Apache API features.

More Information

If you want to find more information, download the module, dig through the source code and sample files. A documentation effort is underway, but it currently is not that developed. You can also subscribe to one of the mailing lists (graciously hosted by SourceForge).

Known Bugs

Currently, when using Mono with the Boehm GC, you cannot handle multiple requests with the same process (which is needless to say, quite essential). This works fine without the Boehm GC engine. I assume that this is a Mono problem, and not an apache module problem (as others have also encountered this problem) -- however this is not verified yet.

The fix is simple, don't use the Boehm GC with Mono and Apache.


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